Does anyone know what these odd balls are? Cee’s odd ball challenge

Okay, I guess everyone knows what the thermometer is, but what about the other two vintage relics? Do you know what they are used for? These items hang in our family room and have been hanging there probably for 40 years. cont'd...

First time trying Cee's oddball photo challenge. I don't know if these photos fit, but I think they do. I am using photos I already have, since I wasn't planning this. I hope you enjoy, Thank you Cee for doing this.

Photo Challenge Babies #1

Good afternoon peeps! Today I have come up with a fun idea to challenge myself to post a photo (or two) of babies and children and or adults every day until I run out of photos. This could take years. Generally the subjects will be in some sort of costume, or dress up... cont'd...

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