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What is your earliest memory? My very first memory isn't a good one, so I will go with the next one.  I remember seeing my two cousins, Connie and Debbie walking up the driveway in their Sunday dress and bonnets.  I think it was Easter but I am not sure.  If I remember correctly, they... Continue Reading →

Share Your World – What would I do with $50,000?

If our mortgage was already paid off, I would give my mom some money and treat her to something that would make her happy. I would visit family who live in Ontario and Alberta. I don't travel near enough to see them cont'd...

Share Your World Feb 26

What are you reading this week? I think I must have a little bit of ADHD. I have not been diagnosed with it but I do find it difficult to read full length books. I haven't read a full length book in a while, the last one was Elizabeth Smart's story of captivity. She is an amazing woman to be able to come out of that still having her Christian faith in tact and now reaches out to others cont'd...

Share Your World – Famous People I Almost Met! (I photo shopped myself in)

getting back to the story. I was supposed to go with Sue, to a back room to help hold the So Country Banner with The Oak Ridge Boys standing with us. We waited and waited. It seemed like we weren't actually going to get to meet them after all and my hip was getting too sore to stand, I went to the upper floor and waited for the show to begin. Sue, being the loyal, devoted fan of So Country radio station stayed and waited, just on the slight chance she would meet them. cont'd...

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