Get Rid of unwanted hair – Subliminal hypnosis, does it work? Um, yaaaah! Be careful what you wish for though! I lost half of my eyebrows, lol!

Those of us who are well into our 50's or even those who are just hitting 40 + are probably pretty tired of shaving, waxing, the under arms, bikini area, chin and so on. Well I have discovered a great thing, however there are some draw backs. cont'd...

A Five minute DIY haircut

I have been told, once you hit 30 you should not have long hair. I am not one for being told what I can and can't do. Once in my lifetime I had my hair cut short when I was about 14. It was cut up to my neck, leaving me feeling very naked. I have pretty much had the same hair style with only slight variations since the 70's. You know, when the Farrah Fawcett hair style was in. All I had to do was blow dry my hair with a brush flipping the sides out and having big hair...cont'd...

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