Can’t help wonder what Trump is thinking, going to North Korea?

So....Trump has called this guy, Little Rocket Man, etc., has threatened war, etc. Did Kim Jong's brother not get murdered? Do some people think that Kim Jong himself ordered the murder? I might be wrong on that because


This is a perfect day to talk about Branches

Good afternoon folks! It is a little after noon hour and I've already been out taking photos, thanks to Cee's fun foto challenge. This week's challenge is leaves or trees, so I grabbed my camera and away I went. I saw more branches than leaves so now I already have the perfect photo for this post! cont'd...

I have fabric everywhere!

Good Sunday morning folks! There is a big sale on at the fabric store right now and I am doing everything in my power to stay away. Yesterday's prompt was messy, today's prompt is fabric. For me they go hand in hand. How about you? Do you run to the fabric store and buy fabric you will probably never use? How about patterns? cont'd...

I love today’s daily prompt!

I love messy! How about you? I bet it drives you crazy to go into someone's house if there is a mess. Yes, no, maybe? I once cleaned out a corner, (really, I did once) and every time I went by that corner, it looked so empty. It felt like something was missing. cont'd...

My Imagination Runs Wild

Good morning bloggers, friends. I must say, I have a wild imagination. It is so wild that, every time I think of a new business, I imagine that it will be wildly successful! Now, I know that most of you think that being positive like that is a good thing. Problem with it is, I don't consider the fact that there is a chance it may not succeed. What is my back up plan? I don't usually have one cont'd...

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