First time trying Cee's oddball photo challenge. I don't know if these photos fit, but I think they do. I am using photos I already have, since I wasn't planning this. I hope you enjoy, Thank you Cee for doing this.


I’m Dead, Just Kidding – Wink, Wink!

Honestly, my cat, Duffy sleeps anywhere and everywhere and in the most bizarre positions. A second before I took the featured image photo, he was scratching like crazy on his little nook. I swear, it's like he's had a heart attack. One minute he is playing or scratching, next minute he looks dead... cont'd...

Bewildered because he can’t play via Daily Prompt: Bewildered Duffy, my playful cat.  Today, he is bewildered because he can't go outside to play.  Today as in the day he was almost mauled to death.  Poor Kitty.  He was so used to going outside and owning the neighbourhood.  He visited every house in the crescent, they would give him... Continue Reading →

My Cat Duffy, the Most Beautiful Creature in the World!

I am always amazed at how many beautiful creatures there are in this world. I wonder how people can actually shoot or do harm to them. I am not a vegetarian, I do eat meat, not as much as I use to and the more I see photos of animals, the more I want to quit eating meat. I am not knocking down hunters. There have been hunters for as long as the earth has been here, killing animals for food. That is what they were meant for. I, myself, would not be able to pull the trigger on an animal. I shouldn't say, "Would not be able to pull the trigger." I guess if a big black bear was coming at me, or a robber was coming in my house, or if someone or thing was attacking a child, I probably could and would pull the trigger. How could I ever actually pull a trigger, if I don't have a gun? cont'd...

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