About Nancy

Welcome to my Blog!  Thank you for checking it out!  If you are interested in cats, photo fun, green screen photography, do it yourself projects, hats and more then you just might find this site interesting and fun!  Check out the catagories and my “Tool Shed” to see what tools I will be working with.

My goal for this blog is to encourage people to try new things.  I spent years feeling inadequate because I thought I was different, but now I embrace it.  It is good to be different!  I use to be afraid to do anything, now I do a lot of different things.  I couldn’t possibly blog about just one topic, I have way too much information to share for that.

Most of us are able to do more than we think we can.  I am living proof of that.  I never would have thought I would do half of what I do now.  The only thing that stops me now from doing some things are my physical ailments, even then, I don’t let it completely stop me.

Check out my you tube channel;  There’s something about Nancy

The link to the intro video is to right on this page.  More videos have been uploaded to youtube since then.

Check out my Facebook page – Hat HideAway

The link to my Facebook page is to the right on this page.


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