Get Rid of unwanted hair – Subliminal hypnosis, does it work? Um, yaaaah! Be careful what you wish for though! I lost half of my eyebrows, lol!

Those of us who are well into our 50's or even those who are just hitting 40 + are probably pretty tired of shaving, waxing, the under arms, bikini area, chin and so on. Well I have discovered a great thing, however there are some draw backs. cont'd...

No matter how big or small you are…

No matter how big or small you are, being alone is a lonely feeling. Thank you for this opportunity Cee! Remember to love yourself for being you, Nancy B.  

Share Your World

What is your earliest memory? My very first memory isn't a good one, so I will go with the next one.  I remember seeing my two cousins, Connie and Debbie walking up the driveway in their Sunday dress and bonnets.  I think it was Easter but I am not sure.  If I remember correctly, they... Continue Reading →

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