Cee’s Share Your World – home made biscuits and hair piece designs

Cee, you come up with the most interesting questions! The first place I lived without parents, wasn't much better. I took a live-in babysitting job just to get out of the house. I ended up living with the two adults and a three year old girl. She was a darling, but it wasn't quite what I wanted to do for the rest of my life cont'd...


Share Your World – Famous People I Almost Met! (I photo shopped myself in)

getting back to the story. I was supposed to go with Sue, to a back room to help hold the So Country Banner with The Oak Ridge Boys standing with us. We waited and waited. It seemed like we weren't actually going to get to meet them after all and my hip was getting too sore to stand, I went to the upper floor and waited for the show to begin. Sue, being the loyal, devoted fan of So Country radio station stayed and waited, just on the slight chance she would meet them. cont'd...

Share Your World – Hair cut

Good morning peeps! Thank you for this opportunity to share a bit of my weird and wacky ways. am not a practical joker, although I love a good laugh, so long as the joke is not mean to another person. I do cut my own hair. ...cont'd...

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