Costume Photo Fun Photography

I LOVE Costume Photography! Today's word prompt is perfect. I could upload a ton, but I will keep it to a minimum. Good afternoon to those of you checking in. I have been collecting costumes for two years. Most of these costumes are new and are Disney and / or Royalty related. I don't consider myself a professional photographer for weddings, etc. as I have said before, but ...cont'd...

Hand Drawn Heart – Love

My honey and I have an agreement about "Special" days. We really don't make a big deal about them. I am not into giving or receiving cards. Yes they are lovely to get and read, but then what? Do we store them for years or throw them out? cont'd...

What is your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day? via Daily Prompt: Insist Whether you are married or single, you most likely have a view on what Valentine's Day should be like.  Many women insist on having a special date of some kind, whether it means having a special meal prepared for her or going to a special place on a date. Is... Continue Reading →

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