How exciting! I got the keys to the new store location. A-painting we will go!

Good evening bloggers, friends, family and whoever else might be reading this post.  While most people are planning their spring and summer garden, I am planning how to set up the new location for my hat store.  I have to figure out what colors I want to use, how I am going to manage to climb the ladder ten feet in the air with this bad hip and bad knees, back, etc.  Blah, blah, blah.  I do love painting as I have said before, I just can’t do it like I use to be able to.  I got the keys two days ago and started painting today.  This current color is way too dark for the Sunny Okanagan, I am changing it to yellow.

There are two rooms behind this front section.  I have a lot of work to do.

I got the keys to the store today
Keys to the store – Store front west
inside the new store
I got the keys to the new store – store front South East


I thought I would share a short video with you of what the new location looks like before I do anything to it.  I have to paint it brighter to represent the Sunny Okanagan.  The video is under two minutes in length.  Please like if you wish and check out other videos on my you tube channel.

I’ll share some photos when it is all done!

Remember to love yourself for being you, Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to leave a comment or two.

Nancy B.

6 thoughts on “How exciting! I got the keys to the new store location. A-painting we will go!

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  1. This is very exciting! Congratulations on the new store. 🙂 It’s always been my dream to have a small space where I can display the works of a few of my close artist friends, a place where I can conduct photography workshops to a small group of people, go mad painting the walls, try and do some murals, display my stickers and badges and caps, in other words, just go crazy!

    Hope you have a lot of fun painting the walls. Would really love to see the final result. 🙂

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