Share Your World

What is your earliest memory?

My very first memory isn’t a good one, so I will go with the next one.  I remember seeing my two cousins, Connie and Debbie walking up the driveway in their Sunday dress and bonnets.  I think it was Easter but I am not sure.  If I remember correctly, they were visiting Grandma’s house and we were there as well.  I definitely could be wrong about that, but I can still see it.

Which way does your toilet roll go?  

This is a funny one.  I really don’t pay attention to which way it goes.  Whatever way it comes out of the bag, I grab it and put it on the holder.  It does not matter to me.

What keeps you grounded?

I’m really not that well grounded!  I am full of anxiety so I am not sure if I ever feel really grounded.  Sometimes, when I am relaxing, listening to music, there is less anxiety and I guess I feel grounded then.

What made you smile this week?

This week my husband was pleased to say he had not cooked a meal all week.  This is probably the first time in our 26 year marriage this has happened.  It made me smile, especially when I asked him to mash the carrots and he said, “I didn’t know you liked mashed carrots.”  I said, “Well I don’t usually do the cooking, I don’t want to ask you to do the extra work, but since I did the cooking I thought I would ask you to mash them.”  I really had missed having mashed carrots, I love them!  Feature photo is of Hubby acting goofy.

Thank you for reading this post today.  Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.

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