Do Cats get Headaches? Migraines?

Good afternoon all of you cat lovers out there!  I can’t help but wonder if cats get headaches.  Does anyone really know?  My Kitty Kat quite often does this thing with his paw.  He puts his head under my hand, then he takes his paw usually and presses on my hand so my hand puts pressure on his head.  He will stay like this for as long as I will hold his head.

This video below doesn’t actually show him using his paw to push down on my hand, but you can see how he snuggles under my hand and stays there.  The video is 17 seconds long, but originally it was over three minutes long.  Really there wasn’t much action, he was just resting, while I put pressure on his head and off and on,  massaged around his cheeks, neck and back of head.

Do all cats do this?  I am new to pet world.  I never owned a pet, not even a gold-fish until I was 56 years old.  That is a story for another day.  I never knew I could love a pet so much.

Sometimes when we are snuggling, I sing to him.  Whatever pops into my head, made up words sometimes like in this video.  Nothing amazing, but it is fun.  He wags his tail back and forth most of the time when I sing to him.  It’s quite funny actually.  Some day I might get that on video.

Anyway, if you like this video, you can check out my you tube channel and subscribe if you like.  There are various types of videos, including DIY household maintenance & sometimes goofy stuff as well.  There’s Something About Nancy.

Thank you in advance for watching.  I would love to know if your pets get headaches and what you do for them when and if they do.  I hope there is nothing more serious going on with him.  I hope it is something all cats do.



Cat has a headache

Do cat's get headaches? Migraines?
Kitty Kat doesn’t have a headache anymore. He’s resting comfortably. Must be my singing! lol!

I would love to hear from you.

Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.

3 thoughts on “Do Cats get Headaches? Migraines?

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  1. Nancy, I hope they do not! Especially when the fireworks are rampant.
    My 3 are really affectionate.
    Having said that, all 3 like for me to give them an equivalent of an Indian head massage.
    They just relax and I can feel their happiness.
    Then we are best friends.
    Now if only, I can find someone to do this for me!

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    1. haha, I just made a video today of brushing Duffy for 6 minutes. He loves it. I’ll have to edit some minutes up and speed the time up, I’m sure no one will want to watch 6 min of that, but maybe a minute!!! Kitty seems like he needs pressure put on his head. He really pushes his head against my hand, but maybe all cats do it. Indian head massage. I’ll have to look that up. Thank you for your comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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