Can’t help wonder what Trump is thinking, going to North Korea?

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Good morning folks!  I would imagine I am not the only one that is surprised about Trump agreeing to go to North Korea to meet Kim Jong In.  (hahah) auto correct won’t let me put the u in the last part of the name, it changes it to I!

So….Trump has called this guy, Little Rocket Man, etc., has threatened war, etc.  Did Kim Jong’s brother not get murdered?  Do some people think that Kim Jong himself ordered the murder?  I might be wrong on that because I try to avoid reading and watching anything to do with Trump and his antics.  I don’t even live in the States, but I would not be a supporter.  Now, back to what I was writing about in the first place.  I wonder what he is thinking?

Kim Jong would not think twice about ordering assassinations of people he knows, or people who work for him, or just people he doesn’t like in general.  You would think that Donald Trump would avoid going there.  I hope he has the good sense to leave his wife and child at home because personally, I don’t think he’s going to come back alive.  I think Kim Jong will have him assassinated and make it look like an accident.  That is just my opinion though.  Trump has done nothing but criticize him.  Does he really think Kim Jong is going negotiate anything?

Of course we all know by now that Trump is not scared of anything.  We heard him say that he himself would have run inside the school to get the guy who was shooting up the students, whether he had a gun or not.  He criticized the security guards for not going in and stopping the gunman.

I don’t wish death, sickness, bullying on anyone, even if I don’t like them,  so I hope I am wrong in what I think will happen if he actually makes the trip.  I’m thinking he will change his mind.

Do you think he will actually go?  Do you think it would be a smart move?  Do you even care?  Share your thoughts on this if you like, I appreciate your input.

Remember to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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