This is a perfect day to talk about Branches

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Good afternoon folks!  It is a little after noon hour and I’ve already been out taking photos, thanks to Cee’s fun foto challenge.  This week’s challenge is leaves or trees, so I grabbed my camera and away I went.  I saw more branches than leaves so now I already have the perfect photo for this post!

It always looks chilly outside when there are no leaves on the branches.  Usually I prefer to see them fully clothed with leaves but in front of my store, that is a different matter.  There are two trees in front of my store and in the spring, summer and fall I like to keep the door open so it looks more welcoming for customers.

In the fall those leaves start falling and I have to sweep inside the store and the sidewalks at least twice a day.  What a mess!  I love to see the bare branches in this one spot.  People in other stores sweep their leaves onto the street so they end up blowing back up on the sidewalk.  I take a recycling bag and put the leaves in there, take them home for recycling.

Even though I like the bare branches, the street looks very lonely without the leaves.  It is a whole different feel.  Sometimes visitors say it looks like a ghost town.  It has been nice being closed at the store since January because it really is a ghost town.  Not much time left to hunker down here, I’ll be back to work around the first of April.

The feature image is a photo of a 40-year-old grapevine that grows around our deck.  We had to cut it back this year because we had to replace the deck railing.  Still, it is more than half way around and should fill in even more this summer.  I can’t wait to share photos with you when it does.

daily prompt branch
Pink Ribbon on a branch, I wonder who this is in memory of? This photo was taken at the Penticton Rose Garden
today's daily prompt branch
Branches of a plum-tree in front of our house

It will be so nice to see the green leaves coming on trees very soon.  Remember to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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