Cee’s Share Your World – home made biscuits and hair piece designs

First place I lived without my parents

Cee, you come up with the most interesting questions!  The first place I lived without parents, wasn’t much better.  I took a live-in babysitting job just to get out of the house.  I ended up living with the two adults and a three-year old girl.  She was a darling, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  The mother had a brother who was killed in an accident, so sad for her family.  She invited her Sister-in-law came to live with them. putting me out of a job.  That was okay though.  I moved back home for a bit, until I got another job.  As soon as I could afford it, I moved out to a basement apartment.  It was a one bedroom apartment that cost about $150.  a month.  My income was about $450. a month.  I absolutely loved being on my own.  I can’t actually remember where I moved from there.  At some point I moved back home and lived there until I got married.

Favourite smell  

This is a toss-up.  I can’t decide which smell I loved the most.  It is past tense because it is no longer available to me.  My dad use to make home-made biscuits and bread!  He passed away in 2001, so I will never get to smell the ones my dad use to make.  Next in line is my mom’s home made lemon or apple pies.  She is in her 80’s now and lives quite a distance away from me so I don’t get to smell her pies cooking any more.  It is probably a good thing since I am trying to lose a bit of weight, lol!

Snowy winters

Ideally if I have to do winter, I would love it to be a mild temperature, above freezing, with large fluffy snow flakes that won’t stay on the ground so I don’t have to shovel.  I love the look of snow falling, but if it is cold, I do not want to be outside in it.  I don’t ski, skate or hike, so I could do without winter at all.  I would miss it though.  It is nice to see it sometimes.  Funny you should ask about that today.  We are having a big, fluffy snowflake kind of day and it melts as it hits the ground!  Another five degrees warmer and it would be a perfect kind of winter today.  I won’t complain though.

I took photos of the snow, but the snow didn’t show up.  I took a video and transferred, but the computer wouldn’t play it, lol!  Oh well, most of you know what snow looks like.

What made me smile this week?

Boy, I didn’t realize how hum drum this week has been until I thought about this question.  Basically I have just been sitting around the house, trying to get my taxes done.  Now, if I had that done, that is what would have made me smile, but since I didn’t, I think what made me smile the most this week, besides my cat of course, is going through my fabric to get a photo for yesterday’s daily prompt.  It did make me smile when I took a photo of the head scarf I was in the process of making.  It made  me remember all the times I have met women who are going through hair loss and they are so positive even while they are going through chemo.  It is rough, but they manage to focus on positive stuff.

The photos below are items I have designed.  The first one is a bridal head piece with hair pieces added for a woman who has alopecia and has no hair.  The rest are what I have designed and called the “Hairbana”  It is a tube-like hat with hair attached.  Then you add a scarf, head band or tie of some sort if you want to for added contrast and color.

Share your world - bride - alopecia
Hair piece and bridal head piece for a bride with alopecia. The first one I made like this. Photo was taken by me as well.
Cee's share your world photo challenge
Hairbana – tube-like hat with hair, additional striped scarf added for color
Cee's share your world challenge
“Hairbana” Tube like hat with hair and an additional scarf added for color
Cee's share your world challenge
“Hairbana” tube with hair, worn under a hat. This is my creation, the tube and hair, see other photos below
Cee's share your world challenge
Hairbana, tube-like hat with hair, worn under her own hat
Cee's share your world challenge hairbana
Hairbana – created by me, Nancy Browne with a tube-like hat and hair attached. You can also wear a scarf or headband over top to add more color
Cee's share your world challenge
“Hairbana” Hat with hair, different bangs style. This is my design. I attach the hair to a tube like hat, then a narrow scarf, or headband, can be worn over it to accessory with color


Thank you for reading.  Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.

photo of biscuits by pixabay.com


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