Does anyone know what these odd balls are? Cee’s odd ball challenge

Okay, I guess everyone knows what the thermometer is, but what about the other two vintage relics?  Do you know what they are used for?  These items hang in our family room and have been hanging there probably for 40 years.  We bought this home from my husband’s parents.  These were on the wall then and they are there now.

There is a rule in our home;  “Don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you without asking.”  Don’t move anything just because YOU don’t thing it is important.  There you go.  I don’t even move these to dust them, obviously!  I actually really like them hanging there above the fireplace.  We do have more vintage items hanging there as well.

We had a flood last January in our basement.  The floor got ruined, along with the bottom part of the brick wall.  We could have had it replaced by the insurance company.  The guy doing the estimate for damage thought we should change the wall and update it.  Neither Brian nor I were willing to rip out that wall and put something else up.  We did not want it updated even though it would be paid for.  Sometimes, you just leave well enough alone.  The new floor was upgraded and looks awesome.  I love the old brick wall!

Here are a few more odd ball photos…Remember that 70’s mirrored tile wall you had in your home?  Well, we still have it.  Another one of those things we haven’t touched, because we are a bit attached to it.  We’ve discussed changing the tiles but it hasn’t progressed from there.

Cee's oddball challenge 70's wall
Did you have a 70’s mirrored tile wall in your home? We still do
Cee's oddball photo challenge strap that got caught in tire
My husband says I’m a hoarder. Look what he keeps! A souvenir from his broken leg in a motorcycle accident. This is the strap that got caught in the tire.
Cee's oddball challenge tin man
My father-in-law made this tin man. That is a very large grape-vine leaf


This odd ball photo challenge is making me realize how many old relics we still have in our home.  Time for a change?  Nah, not yet.

Remember to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.


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