I love today’s daily prompt!

via Daily Prompt: Messy

I love messy!  How about you?  I bet it drives you crazy to go into someone’s house if there is a mess.  Yes, no, maybe?  I once cleaned out a corner, (really, I did once) and every time I went by that corner, it looked so empty.  It felt like something was missing.  My mess was missing!

There is a saying, “A messy desk is a busy mind.”  I believe that.  My mind never stops, especially when I am trying to sleep.  I look at my desk and see all the work I have to get done.  It makes me feel good that I am so busy!  Weird right?  Well, that’s the way I am.  Love me, or hate me, but don’t judge me!

Featured Image

The featured image mess is sitting in the corner of the living room.  I must admit, I do not like it there.  In the next couple of days I will be moving the desk to the new room I painted.  When company comes, they must have a place to sit and put their tea, and it won’t be at my computer.

Did you notice I have three of them?  Yes, three laptops.  They all have different purposes.  Normally only one would be at home and the other two at work, but since I am closed at the store right now, I brought them home.  This is not even including the Ipad which I used to take a photo of my mess.

Paper work

How many weeks have I been trying to get paper work for taxes done?  Almost two months.  Something else always comes up.  I have less than a month to get it done, but at least I have started.  It must be done before I go back to work!

I suppose I am weird

I suppose I am a weird duck because I like going into other homes and notice how nice and tidy everything is.  Why do you suppose I like everyone else’s house to be in order while I prefer mine to be messy?  I can’t even answer that question.  I know, you are all thinking there is something from my childhood, or some underlying reason why I must have a mess around me.  Well, perhaps you are right.  In any case, I am not going to fret over it for now.  Someday, maybe I will change.  Bahahaha!

My Store

Unfortunately, my store is a disorganized  mess most of the time, not right at the front of the store but closer to the back.  This I do plan on cleaning up and re-organizing before I re-open the store.  I guess I have a lot on my plate, I better get my arse in gear!

Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.


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