The Deer run, or should I say, lay rampant in our city

Good afternoon to all!  I absolutely love that deer run through the neighbourhood on a daily basis.  Sometimes, especially in summer, they find a shady place on our front long to have a rest out of the hot sun.  I think I have used this photo before, but I love it and it fits for this wildlife challenge.  Thank you Cee!

Our neighbours do not like them so much.  They yell, grab something, start banging to make loud noises to get the deer out of their gardens.  I could care less if the deer eat the heads of my flowers, although I do not put a lot of effort into gardening.  I cannot because of my back, hip and knee issues.  I’m sure if I worked for hours planting, I would be shooing them away too.

Here’s a funny story I have to tell everyone.  We use to have two big walnut trees in our front yard.  They got diseased, or bugged, whatever it might be called so we had them removed.  A few years later my husband decides to plant a plum tree in the same place one of the walnut trees were taken out.  He spent $30 on the plumb tree, then he realized he had to build a fence around the tree so the deer would not eat all of the plumbs, especially for the first couple of years.  So, $30 for the tree and $100 for the fence to go around it.  I always chuckle when I tell that story.

Cee's photo challenge - wildlife
Two bears in a canoe, I think they should have had a fishing rod
Cee's photo challenge - wildlife
Gecko? I think this is a gecko, very colourful
Cee's photo challenge - wildlife
Who doesn’t need a moose sitting on their shelf?

As for the rest of the wildlife, just as I have complained before, I am not going too far from home yet to get photos.  I did go to the hardware store and found some interesting wildlife – “objects” to take photos of.  They are not the best, but they will do for now.  I did not want to miss this challenge.

This is in response to Cee’s photo fun challenge – wildlife

Remember to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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