Share Your World Feb 26

What are you reading this week?

I think I must have a little bit of ADHD.  I have not been diagnosed with it but I do find it difficult to read full length books.  I haven’t read a full length book in a while, the last one was Elizabeth Smart’s story of captivity.  She is an amazing woman to be able to come out of that still having her Christian faith in tact and now reaches out to others.  I don’t think I would be that strong, to survive and still be happy about life.

Now that I have started blogging, I find a lot of the posts I read, and I do read a lot of them, are the perfect length to keep my attention.  Sometimes I do have to read it twice to get the full just of the post, but most times I get it the first time around.  I love reading blog posts!

What was your first job?

My very first job, besides babysitting was at a grocery store.  I had to work as a cashier.  My anxiety was so bad, I could not talk to the customers.  I could not make eye contact, and I was really shaky from nervousness.  I got fired after two and a half days.  They realized that I was too anxious for that job.

It’s amazing now, looking back on that job and remembering being flustered the whole time I was at work.  These days, not much flusters me.  I still have anxiety, but not like those days.  I have a retail store.  I am not a great sales person, but I am an honest one.  I have overcome a lot of my anxiety issues and a lot of that is because of the people I am around.  Surround yourself with good, positive and supportive people.

What is your favourite breakfast cereal?

I love my Shreddies!  As much of a junk food junkie as I am, I eat Shreddies without adding sugar.  It has lots of fibre and iron, which is part of a good healthy eating lifestyle.

What made you smile this week?

I have not left the house much this week, but I did get some stuff done.  I finally got another room painted, which isn’t easy to do because of the various areas I have arthritis.  After I finished painting the room, Brian, my husband,  changed the electrical plugs and switches to white to match the trim and changed the ugly fluorescent tube lights for a centralized, high efficiency bright light in the middle of the room.  Wow what a difference!  This made me smile!

Share your world - what made you smile this week
Freshly painted room, new floor, still waiting for the outlets and old fluorescent tube light to be changed
Share your world - what made you smile this week
Check out the new light, Ceiling tiles definitely need to be replaced. Wood cupboard doors need to be painted, but I’m smiling, getting ready to sell my music teaching supplies and instruments
Share your World - what made you smile this week
Freshly painted, lighting makes this look really bold yellow, but it is truly pale yellow as you can see in the other photos. Check out the old fluorescent tube light. This was changed to the new flat panel light
Share your world - what made you smile
Freshly painted room, new light switches, new floor, Made me Smile! Getting ready to sell my music teaching supplies and instruments

I’m starting to feel the pressure of having to go back to work at the store in a month, but looking at this nicely renovated room made me smile.  It made me smile a lot!  Thank you for asking!

Remember to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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