My Imagination Runs Wild

via Daily Prompt: Imagination

Good morning bloggers, friends.  I must say, I have a wild imagination.  It is so wild that, every time I think of a new business, I imagine that it will be wildly successful!  Now, I know that most of you think that being positive like that is a good thing.  Problem with it is, I don’t consider the fact that there is a chance it may not succeed.  What is my back up plan?  I don’t usually have one.

Most of my “greatest” ideas come at night, just as I am falling asleep.  I often wonder if, I remember the good ideas and don’t remember any of the bad ones.  I have had a “few” different businesses in the last “few” years.  Well, more than a few years.  Although they were never financially successful, they were very entertaining, fun and I met a lot of great people I never would have met otherwise.

Here I am, getting ready to open another store.  This time however, I am not changing my business totally.  I am going to be doing pretty much the same thing I have been for the last six years, just changing the location and format a bit.  This will tell me whether it is my product, me as a sales person, or just bad business ideas.  Whatever happens, I do not and will not regret going in to any of these businesses as I have learned so much.

I can’t help but imagine, this new location and format will be successful.  What is the worse than can happen?  I guess we’ll see.  In any case, I get to do more painting and remodelling.  Ouch but yay!  Have I mentioned before, I love painting?  I think I have.  Do you like painting? Or would you rather have someone else do it?

Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.

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