Cee’s oddball photo challenge – heads

I almost missed this challenge today.  Since it is still too cold outside for me to go looking for oddball things to take photos off, I am including weird heads and one bathtub in the middle of nowhere for my oddball photos.  Okay, I promise, next week I will make it a point to go out and find really weird things to take photos of.  Thank you for your patience.  I just didn’t want to stop doing this because my photos could fall under the category of “heads, people, faces.”

cee's oddball challenge
A Bathtub in the middle of nowhere, shouldn’t there be a sink? toilet? somewhere?
cee's oddball photo challenge
Two mannequin heads in a wedding photo frame
Cee's oddball challenge
Twins! Not! My Sales Assistant holding up a mannequin head looks like she has two heads, well sort of.
Cee's oddball photo challenge
Okay, We’ve all done it! The Face extorted thing on the Ipad.                                                                      He looks like someone I know! Oh that’s my husband!


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