I got the courage, but is it a good decision?

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Good morning folks!  It is a snowy Saturday morning and I am quite glad I do not have to sit in my store waiting for customers to show up.  How is your weather?

Closing the Store

I made the decision back in December to close my store until spring.  Spring and summer are the busiest times in the Okanagan, so I always look forward to that.  I also decided that when the lease on the building runs out in November, I would close my store permanently.  I didn’t think I would find another place that would offer reasonable rent.

The location of the building is not the best, even during tourist time.  I had been selling hats for the past six years and really loved it.  Now I was tired of having to sit, day in and day out, waiting for customers, who most likely weren’t going to show up.  There were lots of days of $0.00 sales.

Changing my mind

As luck would have it, I think it is good luck, I heard about a place that would be available soon.  I got my name in to have a look at it and I liked it.  It is quite a bit smaller than where I am now, so I will have to unload a lot of stuff.  I guess I would have had to do that anyway.  The downtown summer markets will be good for that.  The feature image is a photo of me, getting ready to set up at the summer market to sell hats.  That is how I feel when summer hits, my store is busy, busy, busy.

What is so great about this new location?  Why do I think the store will be more successful here, busier?  Well, it is highly visible on the corner of the highway turning in to the city I live in.  There will be at least 100 times the amount of cars driving by every day.  I can almost say 1000 times, but I don’t know how many vehicles drive by the street I am currently on.   The store is almost hidden in a row of other stores.  Walk by traffic is usually tired of walking before they get to the 400 block of Main St. where I am.


There is one minor problem with the new location, that is the entrance.  As long as you are travelling east, you can pull right in.  If you are travelling north and pass, or west and pass, you have to drive to the next street and turn, then turn down the alley.  Still as long as I have a map on my website and sign, it is easier parking than I currently have.  Currently the store owners park in front most of the time so there isn’t any room for customer parking.  If a customer does find parking on Main St. they have to go back every two hours to put money in the meter.  That throws a wrench into any plans of having a meal a long with window shopping.

I have been in the same location with different businesses and I have failed to get enough customers to keep my business going.  I am chalking it up to location.  I decided I want this new place, but had to consider, if I could afford to make payments on two locations until the end of November.

New Location

Well, I did it.  I got the courage to try one more time to salvage my business and signed a lease.  I’m glad it is only for one year to start, just in case it doesn’t work out.  I managed to get a deal on a couple of months rent that won’t start until April, which is when a lot of tourists will start coming in to town.  It is a good thing my husband is understanding and financially supportive when I need it.  Hopefully he won’t have to support it once I get it up and running.  I don’t want to have to depend on him to bail me out.

Freshening thing up a bit

Next thing I have to deal with is having two stores open at the same time.  One big exciting thing is that I get to start fresh.  I get use the original store for clearance items and the new one for higher end products and souvenirs.  Even people who are just driving through to get to another city will stop in and check it out.  At least that is what I am hoping.  I will have a clean slate to start painting the walls.  Anyone that has read my posts, knows that I love painting rooms.  I will have about 1000 sq ft. to paint.  Yahoo!AND I’ll have two weeks in which to do all the repairs and painting without paying rent.  Nice!  I have a very bad back, hip and knees so I’ll have to take it slow.

There are between 10,000 – 40,000 vehicles a day that will pass by the new store during the summer months.  I will finally know if it is the location or the products that I sell that is the problem.  I am scared to find out, but I do want to know.  Of course, it might just be the person running it too, lol!

You can’t succeed without trying

What is the saying, “You can’t succeed without trying?”  and “It is only a failure if you make the same mistake more than once.”  Ummm… maybe I should have left that last quote off.  Well, it is not exactly the same.  I will change the products somewhat.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.

One thing is for sure, I’m not afraid to try.  I have to admit, I am afraid to try this one, but that won’t stop me now.

Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.


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