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I LOVE Costume Photography!  Today’s word prompt is perfect.  I could upload a ton, but I will keep it to a minimum.

Good afternoon to those of you checking in.  I have been collecting costumes for two years.  Most of these costumes are new and are Disney and / or Royalty related.  I don’t consider myself a professional photographer for weddings, etc. as I have said before, but I have taken online courses and specialize in green screen photography complete with costumes and fairy tale backgrounds.  Children, Adults and Babies welcome lol!

I thought I was going to have to give up my store of hats and costumes, but today I signed a lease at a new place which has better visual and parking options.  I hope I can get back in to it along with sublimation printing.  Full steam ahead in a few months.  Until then I am clearing out stuff I don’t want at my current store and moving the high quality costumes and hats to the new place.

This excites me to no end.  Not only that, I will have to do a bunch of repairs and painting before I move stuff in to the new place.  My year has just improved 90%.  Now all I need is to get it done and be open at the new location by May or June.  I can’t get in to start the prep work until middle of March minimum.  I sense another painting you tube video coming up.

Costume daily word prompt
Old West Costume Photography at Hat HideAway
Daily prompt costume
Sophia the Princess Costume fun. Okay, she’s dressed as a flapper, but hey there are no rules for photo fun
Costume photo fun photography
Brian and I on our Anniversary last year  This one was fun, I had to run and get in the photo since I was the photographer!  It all worked out okay, fun, wow!
Daily prompt costume
Mz Bee and Baby Bee

Thank you for visiting and thank you for following to those of you who are.  I appreciate that! I love to read your comments too!

Remember to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.


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