Share Your World – Hair cut

Good morning peeps!  Thank you for this opportunity to share a bit of my weird and wacky ways.

  1.  am not a practical joker, although I love a good laugh, so long as the joke is not mean to another person.
  2. I do cut my own hair.  Here is a 2 minute youtube video of how I cut my hair in 5 min. lol  I just uploaded this last week!  It’s easy.

3.  I did not have a favourite stuffed animal or doll when I was a child.  I wish I did.

4.  I have read a few blogs this week that really made me smile this week.  My husband          put down a laminate floor in a bedroom which will become my sewing room or office.      This makes me really smile because I get to paint another room.  Did I mention I love        painting?  Odd? Maybe.  Creative?  Definitely!

Don’t forget to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.

hair cut 1
Do It Yourself Hair Cut
Do it yourself hair cut pony tail
The moment you realize how much hair you cut off!
Will make most hairdressers cringe
Just finished the do it yourself haircut
do it yourself haircut, pony tail and bangs
Got hair?


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