I’m Dead, Just Kidding – Wink, Wink!

Honestly, my cat, Duffy sleeps anywhere and everywhere and in the most bizarre positions.  A second before I took the featured image photo, he was scratching like crazy on his little nook.  I swear, it’s like he’s had a heart attack.  One minute he is playing or scratching, next minute he looks dead.

Here is a video of him playing dead and then winking at me, like saying, “Gotcha!”  I shortened the video as it doesn’t show the 10 seconds he was just laying there with his eyes closed not doing anything.  But in the end, you get the picture!

He’s quite the character as I have said before.  I am anxiously waiting for spring, so the evenings are lighter longer.  He doesn’t like to go outside at night by himself so I usually go outside in my “snug as a bug” onzie and sit with him for a few minutes at a time until he is comfortable.  There are times he refuses to go outside without me.  I have a video for another day, showing him running back in the house when I come in.

He makes me laugh, he makes me gasp, most of all I feel loved.  I think he feels the same way.  Who knew a fur ball could change my life so much!  Do you have a favourite fur baby?  Share a link if you like or photo if you like.

Don’t forget to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.



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