Shouldn’t Computers Simplify Things?

Hello fellow bloggers.  Is “fellow” even a word we should be using anymore when we are talking about male and/or female?  I didn’t even get the first sentence done and I’ve already gone off topic.  Let me try that again.

Hello Peeps!  I have to say, at times I really love computers, like when I am working with green screen photography.  Other times I would just as soon do things manually.  Some of these software programs are really frustrating, not to mention all the passwords we have to remember.

Simply Accounting charged $500 to my Master Card in January.  I just got the statement in.  I did push the button to upgrade the payroll deductions, which previously would have cost about $150.  I have the Canadian edition and the phone number they attached to the software is “no longer in service.”  I went to their website, finally found a number I could call.  Wouldn’t you know it, they are experiencing high level of calls.  Of course they are.  It is tax season.  The phone message offers to let me leave my phone number so they can call me back and will keep me in que.  It does warn that if I am not available to answer the call, they will not try to call me again, I will have to call again and start over.

I waited all afternoon for the call back.  I never received one.  The phone did not ring.  Later in the evening I picked up my phone to call someone.  I notice there is a voice mail waiting.  I listen to it and it is Simply Accounting saying, “Sorry you missed our call.  Please try again.”  Um, how did that happen?  How did it go to voice mail.  Maybe at their closing time, they have some way of sending messages to people waiting for call backs.  They are three hours ahead of us.  I tried again the next day.  This time the message says, “We do not have operators standing by at this time, please try again later.”

So $500 later, I can’t find out why they charged me that much and I can’t even get the updated payroll tax tables to work.  I guess I’ll have to call the credit card company and ask them to refund me the money, after all I don’t even know why the charge is so astronomical and it isn’t functioning correctly AND the company won’t get back to me.

That wasn’t enough to cramp my brain, the tax department from the government calls and says I have outstanding returns from 2015 and 2016.  I would not have been able to file my taxes without these returns being done.  I went through this at tax time last year.  Now while I am in the middle of doing 2017 taxes, I have to go back another two years and find the paper work to prove I filed them and paid all the returns.

Does anyone else have this issue with Simply Accounting Software or Revenue Canada having a problem losing your paper work?  Ugh.  Thank you for listening to my rant.

Even though I am having a frustrating day, I want to remind you to

Love yourself, for being you.

Nancy B.

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