Okay, so I over do things a bit.


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Hello my fellow bloggers.  Do you ever over do things?  Shopping, house work, cooking, exercising?  I have to say, I over do things a lot, especially when I take an interest in starting something new.

New Business

I tend to go over board when I get an idea.  I wanted to have a music club of some sort, so I bought a building.  From there I added a recording studio, started to sell retail music novelties.  After a few years, I became a Kindermusik Educator.  That is an awesome program if you can afford to have your children in it.  I don’t teach it anymore, not because it wasn’t a good program.  I think it was a great program.  My problem was, I didn’t have my own baby or toddler to practise the lessons with, which meant I also was not able to network with other parents that had babies.  I had to pay for my advertising which was expensive.  When you do something as a business, libraries do not let you post notices on their board about your business, even if it is for babies and children.  When I couldn’t get enough enrollment on my own, I went to the local community centre.  I got on there with my business which sounded great and should have been successful.  Problem was, my classes were $12 per child + the Kindermusik rules are that each child has to have their own lesson pack which if you can’t afford it, seems like a lot.  When parents can choose to have two swim classes for $5. or one music class for $12, well swimming won out, as well as gymnastics.  I had invested a few thousand dollars in to the program and teaching supplies and instruments and now I have all that stuff sitting.  Sometime this year I will get around to selling the instruments.

Another New Business

After that wonderful, but frustrating experience I got totally out of music and got in to sublimation printing.  I loved this stuff.  Printing photos on ceramic tiles, back splashes, hard boards, coasters, dog tags.  Again, the advertising was costly.  I invested thousands of dollars into supplies and equipment, just to find out I couldn’t get any customers.  It had a lot to do with my location and the lack of parking for customers and in the winter time, people didn’t come down town too much.  Another business had to go by the way side.

Another, Other New Business

Next, I tested out the Hat market.  I had discovered that there were still companies making ladies hats that were pretty cool but I had no idea what the market would be like.  I ordered a few, mostly from the States.  At that time, the money was pretty much par with Canadian Dollars so the prices were good.  People seemed to go for the hats and I discovered it was wonderful in the summer for selling hats for sun protection.

I never knew anything about hats at all when I started, but I did a lot of research and quickly realized I needed to invest in summer hats for the tourist season.  Again I spent thousands of dollars (all on credit) to get lots of inventory.  I had the largest hat store in the Okanagan.  I definitely over did it, but for the first 3 years it was worth it in the summer.  The winter months never proved profitable.

Last summer would be the downfall to selling hats as we had floods from April to July, which was already tourist season.  I did not stock rain hats because we rarely needed them.  Once the floods dried up we spent the whole summer fighting fires.  With all the smoke no one wanted to go lie on the beach.  I barely sold enough hats to pay the bills last summer, much less get me through a couple of winter months.  Christmas is not a big time for selling hats because you really have to be fitted properly.  So now I am almost done with hats except for selling the inventory I have when spring comes, providing we don’t have floods again.  This has never happened here before.

Another, Other, Other New Business

I had also started investing in costumes to do photography of western and royalty photos to help improve finances in the winter, but that is a big fail too, except for the fact that I really enjoy it.  I would like to keep all my stuff, but I won’t have room for it, once I leave the building.  I am overwhelmed, but also excited to start new adventures.  This time I have to tighten the reigns on what I invest in.  No more investing in material things.  Time to unload and start a new with what I have left.  No more spending.

Ah, Breathe, No New Businesses, Semi Retire? Hobbyist?

So now, new adventures.  I have no idea what I will be doing other than blogging, doing video tutorials on home renovations (I use to be a professional house painter for 10 years before I ever got the building.)  I want to keep some costumes, and photography equipment, sublimation printing and some of the vintage hats.  I think I can do a lot of that stuff as hobbies when I retire, if I ever do, or do it as a part-time business.

Talk about excitement!  I just sold two of the single beds we had, we are going to get bunk beds to make more room.  That is for our grandchildren when they come to visit.  Now I get to spruce up the room.  I will make it my sewing and what not room.  Once I move the sewing room, I’ll start fixing up the other bedroom.  My work is never done here, lol and I like it that way.

Last night my husband asked me when I was going back to work, lol!  I haven’t done much around the house to spruce things up in 10 years at least.  Now I want to get everything done!  He’s getting worried.

When we were living in a townhouse years ago, my husband once told the neighbours, “If you see a hammer coming through your wall, just come over and tell her she’s gone too far!”  This is a true story.  He would come home from Judo in the evening to find a wall being ripped apart.

We all have our funny quirks, I guess renovating is mine.  What is your quirk?

Don’t forget to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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