Tour Guide Challenge in The Okanagan

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I consider myself blessed to be living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, B.C. Canada.  The scenery here is astonishing.  Mountains, Lakes, Wildlife, all so beautiful.

The Featured image is of my husband fishing up on Greyback Mountain, B.C.

My husband takes his kids and grandkids hiking on days it is too rainy or windy to go to the beach when they are visiting us.  I do not tag along due to physical ailments, but I love to see the photos and videos they take.  Here are a few of those photos.  I do believe most of these were taken up Greyback Mountain and I’ve added a few of the Downtown Penticton Saturday Markets where I set my tent up in the summer to sell hats.  The deer is in our backyard, and a photo of the S.S. Sicamous ship that sits on Okanagan Lake, it actually started floating first time in years when we had the flood this past summer.  This photo was taken after the flood, when it was firmly on the ground once again.  Enjoy.

Oops, I don’t know how that ice cream avalanche photo got in there!!! That is my creation of about 5 different flavours of ice cream to make the avalanche, long licorice is the safety rope, etc.  Grandma loves her grandkids and her ice cream.  It is part of the tour of our home when they come to visit.

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself for Being You!

Nancy B.

safely back on solid ground on Okanagan Lake
S.S. Sicamous in Penticton, after the flood
Rose Garden, tourist attraction, Okanagan Valley, Penticton, B.C.
Penticton Rose Garden, Tourist Attraction
fishing in the Okanagan
Brian, my husband, fishing up Greyback Mountain
Hiking in the Okanagan
hiking up Greyback Mountain with Grandkids
hiking up Greyback Mountain again with Grandpa
Climbing huge Rocks at Greyback Mountain
Only in the Okanagan Valley, B.C.
Deer getting some shade in our front yard
Shopping local Downtown Penticton, Saturday Market Hat HideAway
Downtown Penticton Saturday Market with my husband and customer
Avalanche ice cream in Penticton, B.C.
Ice Cream Avalanche, Made with love by Grandma



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