Bewildered because he can’t play

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Duffy, my playful cat.  Today, he is bewildered because he can’t go outside to play.  Today as in the day he was almost mauled to death.  Poor Kitty.  He was so used to going outside and owning the neighbourhood.  He visited every house in the crescent, they would give him treats and is loved by all.

The day he was almost mauled to death is the day he would lose a lot of his freedom.  We built a cage so he could not go out of the yard at night.  We still let him roam during the day.  These days he doesn’t go far.  He was depressed for a long time after the incident.

The cage is really quite big, he has lots of room to move around so it is more like a fence.  It is chain link so he can see out really well, but he can then see the places he use to be able to wander.  He is quite afraid to go outside by himself at night but that is another story.

We thought Duffy was going to die and there were no vets open at the time.  I am happy to report he has recovered.  I wouldn’t say, fully recovered.  He now gets twitches in his right front and back paw.

It has been quite a while since the attack happened.  He has become quite accustomed to his new chain link surroundings.  He still has access to half the yard, a shed with a whole he can go in to anytime he wants, a beautiful cat house and a whole in our door so he can come and go as he pleases.  He now seems to only want to go as far as the house next door when we leave the gates open (only during the day of course) and I’m quite okay with that.  I would be so upset if anything ever happened to him now.  I’ve become quite attached to our surprise inheritance.

Remember to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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