A Five minute DIY haircut

I thought I would post a few photos of what I look like on different days, BEFORE you watch the 2 minute video of my do it yourself haircut.  I didn’t want to scare anyone, lol!

As the video says, I have not been to a hairdresser in more than 25 years.  It is not that I don’t think they can do their job right, or because I don’t want to spend the money.  You see, I am a bit of a control freak.  I have never been happy with the way any hairdresser has cut my bangs, actually the cut is okay, but then they blow dry it in a weird style that they think will look good on me.  I am all for creative freedom, just not with my hair.

I have been told, once you hit 30 you should not have long hair.  I am not one for being told what I can and can’t do.  Once in my lifetime I had my hair cut short when I was about 14.  It was cut up to my neck, leaving me feeling very naked.  I have pretty much had the same hair style with only slight variations since the 70’s.  You know, when the Farrah Fawcett hair style was in.  All I had to do was blow dry my hair with a brush flipping the sides out and having big hair.  I think I had big hair until the late 90’s.  It was hard to stop blow drying my hair but now I just wash it, comb it, let it dry.  However it turns out is generally my style for the day.  I don’t worry about it too much.

On occasion I will take a curling iron to it, or straighten it a little for a different look, especially if I am going to do a fun, selphie, photo shoot to practise for a photo booth session or another photo shoot.

So, in the first photo with the long curls, I notice it actually might look like I have added curly extensions but it is all my own hair, I just used a curling iron to give me a more sophisticated look.  The other two top photos are just how my hair dries naturally, some days are better than others.  Some days I look like I’ve been in a wind storm, especially rainy days.

The bottom, middle photo was taken just after I did the DIY haircut video and was still partially wet.  The only reason I cut it was because since I inherited a cat, my hair has been getting in the way, well, in the litter box.  I never tie my hair back, I don’t like my neck exposed.  I never have.  In my mind, tying my hair back was not an option, so I chose to give myself a hair cut.  Even when I painted houses for a living, I did not tie my hair back.

I always cut my own hair,  usually I just bring the back hair forward and cut straight across so the back is all one length.  Then I bring the bangs forward, lift up as in the video and cut straight across.  Of course, it is never perfectly straight but when you have natural curl in your hair, it really doesn’t matter.  You can’t tell.

This time I decided to cut my hair a little different.  I had never tried the method, the way I did in this video.  I decided I wanted a shag cut, like from the 70’s and I had remembered years ago seeing someone on TV cutting someone’s hair in a ponytail.  Not cutting her own hair, but someone else’s hair, at least she could see what she was doing.  After all these years, I decided to give it a try.

All in all, it didn’t turn out too bad.  I did get the bangs a little shorter than I wanted, but in a month’s time it will probably be a good length.  Now I will most likely let it grow for another two or three years before cutting it again.  I really do prefer it long.

I am in my 50’s and I really do not pay much attention as to whether people think I should have long hair or not, whether I wear make up or not.  I spent way too many years worrying about what people think.  Life is too precious to worry about the small stuff.

I’m thinking for Valentine’s Day, I might try to do my hair in the 1920’s finger wave style.  Maybe I’ll get dressed up in one of my flapper costumes, get my husband to dress up in a Gatsby white suit and do our photo with the green screen background.  We don’t generally go out for dinner much and he treats me pretty good every day, so celebrating one special day is not that important, it just gives me an excuse to get into a costume.

If I decide to do my hair in finger waves, I will video tape it and upload to you tube, successful or not.  First I’ll have to watch a bunch of tutorials on how to do it, because I have never done it.  That has never stopped me before, ready or not here I come.

Hope you enjoy the video

Don’t forget to love yourself for being you.

Nancy B.

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  1. I am saving this for the next time i need a haircut (i have a weird hairdresser phobia…mainly the making small talk part I think). At the moment i am getting by with whinging at my husband until he cuts it for me and then finishing it myself in the mirror, but he is increasingly reluctant to participate!

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