My Cat Duffy, the Most Beautiful Creature in the World!

via Daily Prompt: Creature

I am always amazed at how many beautiful creatures there are in this world.  I wonder how people can actually shoot or do harm to them.  I am not a vegetarian, I do eat meat, not as much as I use to and the more I see photos of animals, the more I want to quit eating meat.

I am not knocking down hunters.  There have been hunters for as long as the earth has been here, killing animals for food.  That is what they were meant for.  I, myself, would not be able to pull the trigger on an animal.  I shouldn’t say, “Would not be able to pull the trigger.”  I guess if a big black bear was coming at me, or a robber was coming in my house, or if someone or thing was attacking a child, I probably could and would pull the trigger.  How could I ever actually pull a trigger, if I don’t have a gun?  Sometimes in this day and age I wish I had one, then other times I think, well, no, there are way too many accidents that happen with guns.

My husband goes hunting but  never shoots anything.  He comes back and says it was a good target shooting practise.  I have never gone with him and I don’t plan to.  I don’t judge those who do hunt and come back with a deer, I just don’t want to be part of it.

Since I have become an owner of a cat, I am even more inclined to get away from eating meat.  My cat is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, or met.  You must understand, that I never owned a pet before in my life until almost two years ago.  Not even a gold-fish!  So now when I think about eating chicken, or turkey, I start wondering if that is what a cat would look like and then I get disgusted, grossed out and can’t eat it.

People always say rabbit tastes like chicken.  I can’t imagine ever trying to eat rabbit.  They are so cute, just like cats.  I wouldn’t be able to eat snake either and they are not so cute.  I guess since owning a cat, I just can’t stand the thought of someone wanting to harm him or any other animal.

Has anyone else out there, ever stopped eating meat once they started owning pets?  I must have lived a sheltered life to never be around animals.  I just can’t believe I lived this long without a cat.  I love him so much!

Don’t forget to love yourself for being you!

Nancy B.

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